READY TO MAKE SOME NOISE? Let's Build your brand out Loud

READY TO MAKE SOME NOISE? Let's Build your brand out Loud!

READY TO MAKE SOME NOISE? Let's Build your brand out Loud!

Your eCommerce business was born for greatness.

We are Ambiance Media Group

your Public Relations and Digital Marketing specialists.

Trusted by the world's most iconic:

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We are incredibly proud of the results we helped these eCommerce brands achieve. We hope to see your success story here soon too.

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We're young, we’re fresh, and we’re always ready to evolve with the times.


Our PR and digital marketing specialists spend their days helping our clients and friends leverage digital media to skyrocket their eCommerce sales and profits. If you are reading this, your brand already has the potential to be a champion. All it needs is a little nudge in the right direction.


Ambiance Media Group landed in 2023, but we are no new kids on the branding block. We have over 15 years of combined experience in the realm of PR and digital marketing, and our desire to see our clients succeed is never-ending.


Building a successful eCommerce business can feel like rocket science if it isn’t your forte. Thankfully, it’s ours. We grew sick and tired of watching eCommerce brands struggle and suffer, drowning in competition. We genuinely believe every brand can thrive, even in a “saturated market.” We exist to let you in on our tried and trusted digital marketing secrets, so you can focus on the fun side of eCommerce.


We are ready to build your brand out loud, brick by brick. Are you? Start a conversation with our team today, and let us get the figurative ball rolling, shall we?

PR & Digital Marketing Services

The world’s most successful brands knew the importance of a solid strategy. If you want to increase your eCommerce sales and become infinitely profitable, here is how we can help:

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Paid TikTok, Facebook & Google Ads

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Which is better – Facebook, Google, or TikTok ads? That depends on your niche and where your customers hangout online. Together, we can analyze your brand and audience, and shape irresistible paid ads that inspire FOMO and immediate action.

Influencer Marketing

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Nothing beats social proof. Influencer marketing is a proven way for brands to make more sales, by getting your exact audience to talk to your audience! Putting your product into the hands of an influencer your market loves is the first step to growing your audience and exploding your sales. 

Email & SMS Marketing

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Meet your audience where they are at, on the devices they are always on. We are constantly searching for fun, fresh ways to engage with your audience through creative SMS and email marketing, so you can increase your eCommerce sales effortlessly.

Programmatic Media Buying

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Lucky for you, technology gets better every day. With programmatic media buying, we can replace antiqued digital advertising techniques with an automated ad space buying process. This way, you can rely on smart algorithms to show your ads to the right people, at the right time, at the right places online.

Social Media Content Strategy

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Failing to plan is planning to fail. Prep makes perfect, and armed with a professional social media content strategy, you can soar to the top of your industry and leave your competitors choking in your cloud of dust across several social media platforms.

UGC Review Program

Your reviews can be the most effective PR tool. With our review program, we will help you rack in more positive reviews online which you can use as social proof to get more customers and increase your eCommerce sales online.

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Lifestyle Roundups + Gift Guides

Is your brand in the beauty, fashion, food or lifestyle niche? If so, you should already be using roundups and gift guides to inspire your audience – the holy grail of lifestyle PR. There are countless little-known eCommerce hacks with the power to double or even triple your sales, and we know all of them. We will help get your product into this year’s gift guides and lifestyle roundups, giving your products the attention, they deserve.

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Product Launch

If any digital PR marketing agency tells you they can sell a heater in a heat wave, they’re lying. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is – and it’s better to be realistic. If you want to sell your product to the right people, you need to target them with the right message, at the right time. With a well-planned PR strategy, you can easily sell that heater to those who need it, like ice-cold residents bracing the brutal northern hemisphere winter.

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Brand Management

Already have an in-house PR and Digital Marketing team? Great! While having an in-house team is awesome, you still need someone to lead your campaign efforts and daily brand operations. Our role consist of formulating your launch strategy while creating your sales ecosystem. We operate from your vision by making sure each team member is implementing the correct strategies to help your brand grow.

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Branding & Website Design

You do not get a second chance at a first impression. Your eCommerce website is the most powerful tool you own to convert customers, so make sure you get off on the right foot – and every other limb for that matter – through beautiful branding and website design services. We will outwardly align your brand and website design with your income goals.

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Product Development

There are various stages behind a successful product development strategy for eCommerce. Before unleashing your product, we need to make sure it solves your audiences’ problems perfectly.

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eCommerce Product Design

Sure, what is on the inside counts – but the best brands have beauty and brawn to match their brains. Together, we can create a product design that meets your goals and your audience’s needs in one fell swoop.

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Logo Design

Shining golden arches. A white-bearded man-eating chicken. Fruit with a bite taken out of it. Some brands need no introduction because their logos are known and loved by billions. A logo should be so much more than a pretty picture. It should be a flawlessly engineered visual representation of your brand that is instantly recognized at the drop of a hat.

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eCommerce + Lifestyle Photography and Videography

Displaying your brand in the best light means saying no to mediocre pictures and videos. Make your product shine through professional eCommerce and lifestyle photography and videography. We make sure you represent your brand’s aesthetics through clean, clear, and consistent visuals.

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Build Out Loud Academy:

Secure & leverage the press to increase your online sales

Ready to get schooled? Ambiance Media Group is taking you back to class with our exclusive online program for eCommerce brands. We will show you what it takes to Build Out Loud using our treasure chest of proven digital PR marketing solutions. Sure, competition is strong – but when we are done with you, you will be unstoppable.

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Your e-commerce brand is worthy of becoming an empire. All it needs is the secret spice, which we are ready to share with you. So get in touch and pull up a chair. We cannot wait to tell you more about what our PR and digital marketing services can do for you. Ready when you are.

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